Losing weight with Yerba Mate

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Did you know that yerba mate is not only delicious, but also has many health benefits? One of its properties is weight control. People are often preoccupied by this topic, and will resort to almost anything when it comes to losing weight. However, yerba mate’s health benefits will directly improve your overall fitness, while having an impact on the way your metabolism works.

How Does Yerba Mate Weight Control Work?

Excess Liquids

There are different ways in which yerba mate can be used to lose some pounds. Firstly, it’s a natural diuretic. Often, the body retains fluids, which makes the person feel bloated. The best way to flush this excess liquid is by urination, relieving the kidneys while making the bladder fuller (thus, having to empty it more often). Yerba mate is a good diuretic because it’s natural, and unlike pills or other supplements, it doesn’t have side effects – such as irritating the bowel. However, when it comes to excess urination, there’s a risk of dehydration: always keep on the lookout for the colour of the urine (if it’s too dark, you need more water!)


Another way to help with weight loss is by increasing the metabolism and energy levels. As an effect from the mateine (or mate’s caffeine), the body’s metabolism will increase. This energy boost will help fat to burn faster, naturally. Additionally, yerba mate increases thermogenesis, which is the process of body heat production. Producing more heat means more fat and calories are being burnt in every activity the body engages in (whether is a full cardio workout, or simply walking up the stairs).


Overall, yerba mate is an appetite suppressant. As obvious as it sounds: the less you eat, the less weight you put on (plus, the more deposited fat you’ll burn). Like I said in another post, students are very likely to have a mate kit as their best friend during exam season: not only due to it being a natural source of caffeine, but also because it will make them feel fuller. In connection to this, the relaxing effects of the beverage can calm the nerves – this leads to less stress-related overeating. Yerba can even stop cravings for unhealthy food. On top of all that, the feeling of gastric emptying (feeling hungry, that is) will slow down – hence, the person will not be prone to overeating.

Yerba mate

Bottom Line

Although yerba mate is not some miracle beverage, the results of its consumption can be very positive. There are countless testimonials available on the web, in the form of blog posts, forum entries, or even vlogs. All kinds of people have found the herb’s properties to be irreplaceable, ranging from those whom have used yerba mate as a way to assist their dieting and weight loss, to professional athletes and bodybuilders. I found this really cute video of a vlogger called Tanya, and I just love her enthusiasm for yerba mate (which she drank in different forms of infusions) – check it out:


Have you tried yerba mate for its health benefits? Did it help you get to your ideal weight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. We’re eager to hear your story!

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